Lo and Behold, the Alpha3D 2.2.0 update is here! 🔥🔥🔥

Ackuretta continues to modify and improve our software to ensure that our users have the most seamless user experience when navigating through the interface. The Alpha3D 2.2.0, now with 3 All New Functions added and 4 Super Improvements, let’s see what’s changed!

New functions include:

1. Printer searching function : Alpha3D can now search and list FreeShape, which locates the same LAN network with the user’s PC.

2. Easy Link FreeShape : Based on new function 1, users can now easily open the FreeShape control panel to start their print job.

3. Update Support Function : Users can press “Update Support” to renew supports after changing support parameters.


1. 4 new languages added: Italian, German, French, Japanese

2. Optimization of the slicing algorithm to improve output efficiency.

3. Now supports more materials: VOCO, Dreve, Dentona, Dentca, MERZ, MazicD

4. Bugs fixed for Support function.


Follow these instructions to update: 

  1. Go to Ackuretta’s FreeShape webpage: https://old.ackuretta.com/freeshape/
  2. Download the FreeShape Firmware update (This step is crucial, otherwise the FreeShape will not be able to support the new Alpha 3D update)

3. On the same page, Scroll down and download the Alpha 3D 2.2.0 update

4. Now enjoy the New features and improvements!