The Alpha 3D software 2.3.1 update is available for download now! 

It has always been crucial for Ackuretta to stay innovative and strive to provide the best user experience, which is why we offer quarterly firmware and software updates. For the Alpha 3D 2.3.1 update, here are the changes we’ve made:

  • Optimised the design so that the user interface and all buttons are visible at smaller screen resolutions such as 1366 px by 768 px.
  • Resolved an issue where some functions caused the base to extend to the boundary of a model when it was printed.
  • Made changes to optimise some of the existing settings and changed the Crowns & Bridges application to be two different applications. There are now nine presets available on the Application dropdown list on the Supports panel.
  • Updated some of the resin parameters, i.e. the shrinkage value of CURO Guide and the curing time of Keyprint KeyModel.


Follow these instructions to update: 

  1. Go to Ackuretta’s FreeShape webpage:
  2. Download the FreeShape 1.3.6 Firmware update (This step is crucial, otherwise the FreeShape will not be able to support the new Alpha 3D update)

3. On the same page, Scroll down and download the Alpha 3D 2.3.0 update

4. Now enjoy the New features and improvements!