Printing a patient’s dental restoration is just the first step in many in the process to prepare and ensure the print is safe to use when it reaches the patient’s end. After being printed, any 3D printed dental application must be cleaned properly before use to get rid of remaining resin residue.

Traditionally there are 2 ways to clean: 1) Manual wash, and 2) Ultrasonic washer.

Manually washing your print is a tedious process, as the operator either has to repeatedly hand spray alcohol onto prints or soak them in a container of alcohol and scrub the resin off with a toothbrush. Even with this prolonged process, a manual wash does not generate the best results. An ultrasonic washer is faster and more effective compared to a manual wash. However cleaning space is limited, and if the vibrations are not well controlled it can result in damage and breakage of the print. The consumption of alcohol is also high, as the tank often needs to be refilled after resin contamination.

Ackuretta has found the solution to those industry problems with Cleani, the new dual-tank resin washer. Cleani’s revolutionary design and functions are why it’s making a big splash in the dental industry.

Here are 10 reasons why professionals in the dental industry are switching to the Cleani Washer:

1. Faster and Better Workflow
Cleani significantly reduces the time needed to clean prints, while being able to clean up to 90% resin residue in one cycle. The new features and functions help dental clinics accelerate workflow by 40%.
2. Alcohol consumption cut by half
Alcohol lasts longer because the dual tank design keeps each alcohol pool cleaner. The dual tank design reduces cross-contamination, so there’s no need to constantly refill the tanks with alcohol after you print with a different resin.
3. Print platform and prints can be washed together
Cleani is built to accommodate both the prints and the print platform. The metal rods inside each tank can hold up most DLP print platforms found on the market. This eliminates the steps of having to remove the prints from the print platform first, and then washing the prints and print platform separately.
4. Gentle vortex vibrations minimize print damage
The vortex creates gentle vibrations which minimizes the damage and breakage of prints during the wash cycle.
5. Bigger cleaning space
Cleaning space is increased from the traditional 1 tank to 2 tanks, which allows for both a heavy wash and fine wash for more prints.
6. Safety Nets for Small, detailed prints
No need to fish for prints anymore, as the fine mesh nets in each tank are able to catch all small components and keep them from slipping through the cracks.
7. Easy maintenance and cleaning
Removable tanks make maintenance and cleaning a much easier process. Instead of moving the entire machine, just simply remove the tanks and clean!
8. Low-noise Mechanism
We have all experienced the loud humming noise of the ultrasonic washer. Finally, get some peace and quiet when washing your prints.
9. Compact Chair-side Design
A small washer with a big impact. Cleani is ideal for dental clinics, as it’s compact size allows you to take the entire cleaning process in-house.

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