New Year, New workflow: DENTIQ

At its core, Ackuretta has always been a technology company. 

As the future of dentistry becomes more digitized, we realized that a significant gap exists between avant-garde adopters and those who stick to traditions. While the expensive upfront investment of purchasing a dental 3D printer has deterred some buyers from switching to a digital dental workflow, many resist the idea because of the steep learning curve that comes with embracing the technology.  

So here begs the question: How do we, as technology innovators, bridge that gap? 

Lowering the technological barrier of digital dentistry is Ackuretta’s next frontier. We envision a future where dentists and dental clinics have access to easy, convenient and streamlined technology to produce 3D printed restorations for a few dollars, in-house, and in the same day. 

After a year in the making, using feedback from customers, developments within the supply chain, and guidance from industry experts, we are ready to release an effortless solution to the digital dentistry market. 

Introducing DENTIQ, Your Chairside Printer. 


The Why

We understand what it’s like to learn new technology, and the effort and time that goes in it. 

This is why DENTIQ was designed to make things simpler; to make digital dentistry effortless for users of all levels, and to make the investment more profitable than you imagined. 

Dental professionals and dental clinics have access to not only DENTIQ, but an entire ecosystem that was designed to compliment it. From slicing software, washing, curing, to resins, everything can be done in-house. When the technology and end-results make sense, a future of possibilities for the dental industry becomes possible. 

The How

So how exactly does DENTIQ make digital dentistry easy? Let’s start from the beginning. 

Besides it’s modern aesthetic design, and chairside portability, DENTIQ is extremely intuitive to use. DENTIQ’s slicing software Alpha 3D allows you to apply dental smart supports, a function that can automatically generate calibrated supports in one minute for 9 commonly printed dental applications. This feature not only decreases the chance of print failure caused by faulty designs, but also reduces manual work by 50%.  

DENTIQ itself comes auto calibrated and offers real plug-and-play printing, which means that even beginners in the industry will be able to print as soon as the printer is taken out of the box. Moreover, users can choose from 100+ precalibrated materials to print over 15 types of dental applications. This firmware feature, which is updated quarterly to include new resins, significantly reduces the time and skill needed to calibrate each material correctly. 

Component replacement has never been easier either. Whether it’s switching out LCD panels, vat films or internal parts, it is all made to be DIY-able. If you run into a problem with your printer, tech support is also available. Just submit an online support form detailing your issues and a rep will be in touch within 24 Hrs on a working day.  

In addition, Ackuretta offers a vast library of online tutorials, step by step guides, and expert tips in our user group to minimize the learning curve. 1-on-1 support training is also available at an affordable price to help you get started. 


The Goal

The key to mass adoption is making dental technology easy and profitable for any type of user.

DENTIQ accomplishes that by helping the user achieve results beyond their skill limitations and gives them back the control over their workflow, so they can become the protagonist of their practice. 

Make things easier, Buy DENTIQ here.