The FreeShape 1.3.6 Firmware and Alpha 3D software 2.3.0 update is available for download now! 

It is always crucial for Ackuretta to stay innovative and keep improving the user experience of our clients. That being said, Ackuretta has released a FS 1.3.6 firmware update and an Alpha 3D 2.3.0 update. Here are the updates we’ve made:

FS Firmware Updates: 
1. Models can now be easily dragged or moved when operating
2. 8 sets of application parameter added for support generation
3. More Pre-calibrated resins
4.Performance is further optimized with the fix of some bugs
Alpha 3D software Updates:
1. New pre-calibrated resins have been added:
    A. Merz
            – proto
            – cast
            – tray
    B. Mazicd
             – cast
             – model
             – model ortho
             – sg
             – temp
    C. GC Temp
             – print light
             – print medium
2. Timezone bug is fixed on the log page and file manager

Follow these instructions to update: 

  1. Go to Ackuretta’s FreeShape webpage:
  2. Download the FreeShape 1.3.6 Firmware update (This step is crucial, otherwise the FreeShape will not be able to support the new Alpha 3D update)

3. On the same page, Scroll down and download the Alpha 3D 2.3.0 update

4. Now enjoy the New features and improvements!