The FreeShape 1.3.0 Firmware update is officially available for download! 

It is important to Ackuretta to provide simple solutions to complex problems, and make the dental workflow as effortless as possible. To address previous concerns from our users, Ackuretta has released a FS 1.3.0 firmware update. We are proud of our technical team, which strives to release quarterly firmware and software updates to always provide the best possible experience for our users.

Check out the cool updates we’ve made to each function!

General updates:
      1. The top bar is added to all pages of the front panel, so it is easier to navigate to different pages.
      2. Ethernet or Wifi connection status will be shown.
      3. If the user agrees, the machine supports log including resin usage, and operations will be uploaded to Ackuretta.
      4. Multiple pages have changed layouts to be more user friendly.
      1.”Duplicate” button added, which allows users to duplicate the default material and modify it at a click.
      2. All materials are categorized by their brand names so users can find specific resins easily.
      3. Copy and delete files faster by holding down the print screen to multi-select files.
      4. If your file is created by newest Alpha3D, the printer will show needed resin amount in file information page.
      5. History function has been removed, but you can start an old print from the log list.
      6. Users can easily reprint after first print is finished.
      7. The printer will now ask if your print was successful, and the result will be shown in the log list.
      1. Quick Select curing buttons for 10, 70, 100 seconds have been added (Yay!)
      1. No need to import any added materials after each firmware update!

Follow these instructions to update: 

  1. Go to Ackuretta’s FreeShape webpage:
  2. Download the FreeShape 1.3.0 Firmware update

3. Now enjoy the new changes while printing!